Dear Chamber and Community Members:

It is a great honour to serve as the President of the Artesia Chamber of Commerce. As the President, I work with a wonderful team of men and women who take great pride in our community. They understand that the success of Artesia Chamber of Commerce is based on our ability to not only work with our business members but also to engage our community groups, government agencies, and residents. These elements, working together, do create an environment in the City of Artesia that improves the quality of life and allows our business to grow. As the 2016 President, I am committed to making these ABCs successful:

1) The first ABC is A Business Commitment: I am committed to aggressively advertising your businesses and services through the Chamber’s website, social media, e-Blast, and other marketing publications. We will add many values to your membership. Please come to our business events that we already planned for you.

2) The 2nd ABC is Actions for a Better Chamber: Many activities have been planned for you throughout the year. The Chamber will provide training to promote and better our businesses through the educational seminars, social and business mixers, networking events, workshops, and other growth-oriented activities. We will take Actions to build a Better Chamber for all to benefit!

3) The 3rd ABC is Always Be Connected: The Chamber will continue connecting and supporting the City and the community organizations and their activities, such as Friends of Library, Artesia Distinguished Young Women, Public Safety Expo, Graduate Recognition Night, International Street Fair, and our Old Fashioned Christmas tree lighting. Chamber will always be connected with you and the community!

4) The 4th ABC is Always Be a Chamber: I invite you to join and become an active member of the Artesia Chamber of Commerce. Become a vibrant part of our dynamic business community! Discover what the Chamber can do for you and your business.

I look forward to a successful year of growth, innovation and support of our members and community!